Are you in a state of compensation?

So many people are in a state of compensation these days. People sometimes come to me on a laundry list of supplements and when I see that; the question arises are they in a state of compensation? The more out of balance that they are, the more they must compensate or find things that artificially prop them up and allow them to still function in their daily life. The supportive therapies may be buying them some time, allowing them to temporarily compensate but they are not making the individual well. They exist moreso as a crutch. They compensate with various crutches because they are not living in alignment in their life. Because they aren’t living in alignment, they spend tremendous amounts of energy and resources to compensate, for this state of imbalance. They keep adding more and more things, in order to compensate. They hope that by adding the latest new particular kind of support that they will find a way to be in balance.

Other people compensate by directing much of their energy to obsessive vigilance to how they live their life and I have certainly been guilty of that. A set of rules must be followed to ensure the individual stays as healthy as possible. A diet that is very strict and regimented must be eaten without any insults. They are afraid to err in any way with their diet because they fear the negative consequences of such an action. These individuals may need to eat ‘like God’ in order to increase their vital force, when in reality, if they lived their life aligning their own personal will with divine will, this would not be so necessary. You would still choose to eat high vibration food because you understand how energy transference works, however, you wouldn’t be required to have so many rules about what you must do to stay in balance. It is important to respect yourself and do what you know you need to do in order to thrive, but try not to be excessively rigid about it. Your body is designed to be a self healing organism. It is not necessary to control everything in your world to ensure good health.

There are more spiritually congruent ways to strengthen and support your container. Living in alignment is one way to strengthen and support your body in your life. Many individuals in a state of compensation have not created a life for themselves that is in alignment to them. Their lives may be successful, perhaps, from an egotistical point of view but how much does this truly satisfy them at their core? In order to make the amount of money that they do, they are thrown so off balance, in their life that their health starts to be affected. The cliché, money does not buy happiness is a true statement. If the money comes at the expense of yourself, then that is not the optimal path of abundance for you. You need to know who you are and design a life that allows you to be who you are. This path brought about by living in alignment automatically leads to better health and vitality.

Tap more into the spring of well being, that naturally flows in your life, and the less you will have to rely on such compensatory mechanisms to keep you healthy. For people that are not in alignment, the image I get is sand running through cheesecloth. You are pouring all these supportive therapies into a system that is not able to take it in. It doesn’t have the container to take up the supportive substances. The container is too porous. There are too many external influences having an effect on the container. The vibration required to hold such substances in the container is missing. Every cell needs to come into alignment in order to take the material in.

Your container, which is your physical body, is strengthened by the food you take into your system. To hold your cells at the highest frequency possible, the food with the highest vibration must be taken in. Focusing on a whole foods diet supports optimal health. For instance, foods that are fresh such as organic fruits and vegetables, have more life energy in them, than foods that have been sitting on the shelves such as canned produce or processed food which has been sitting in a package. Cooking whole foods from scratch requires a little more effort on your part, but the energy received by taking this food in, perpetuates and sustains the vibration that you are intending in your body. If you are in a higher vibration to begin with, you are less likely to resonate with low energy food. How often do people attend a yoga class and then go to the drive-in at Macdonald’s? I would hasten to say rarely. The vibration brought about by doing yoga is not in resonance with Macdonald’s. The vibration brought about by doing yoga is more in resonance with fresh, organic fruits and vegetables.

Every cell also needs a suitable degree of hydration required to sustain a higher vibration. Your energy will subtly drop when you begin to feel a slight degree of dehydration in your body. Water is the most important fluid that you can take into your body; pure H2O. Get in touch with how much water you need to feel you are at your best. By paying attention to these subtle clues that your body gives you, you can start to realize how it is that you need to live to be in alignment with your physical body.
Strengthen the container of your heart. If you come from your heart center, you are definitely living in alignment. Find out what you love to do. If your heart sings with joy when you are doing something, note that, and do more of ‘that’. If you blossom from the heart, you can be sure that whatever seeds have sprouted will be coming from rich, fertile soil. Your heart is where your passion lies and where your love force originates. You can be sure, that the source of these beautiful flowers, if coming from your core essence, your unique beauty, will be received by the world; when the blossoms seed, these seeds will be carried by the wind to areas that need these particular flowers to be growing. The soil that is ripe for the planting of these seeds will take them in, hold them in a safe, protective place where they are free to take root and grow. What are you most passionate about? Loving what you do is synonymous with you living in alignment. How can you give back? When you live in alignment with who you are you will hear your inner voice directing your actions from a place of service…

So, be aware of the ways in which you are compensating and ask yourself what needs to happen for you to be in more harmony and balance with yourself…

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