Multiple Sclerosis


For Patients with Multiple SclerosisSaying inside a bamboo frame

I feel that I am uniquely qualified to assist you in your health care given that I have Multiple Sclerosis (MS). I believe that I have lived with MS since 1991, although I only recognize that in hindsight, as I wasn’t diagnosed until 2003 when I was training for a marathon and I had an attack prior to the marathon that could not be ignored. Living with MS has been a challenge but also a gift. Being diagnosed with MS has taken me on a deeply personal journey of self-exploration and has been a catalyst for my own personal healing that will continue to evolve with time and I expect will never cease. It has been the greatest teacher in my life and I hope that my perspective can offer you some hope and inspiration in dealing with MS in your life.

My approach is comprehensive and involves recommendations concerning diet,therapeutic supplements, mind/body medicine and emphasizes the importance of fostering a positive attitude in the face of an extreme challenge. This past year, I started a mind/body clinic for patients with MS at the MS Society, Calgary Chapter. It was a rewarding experience and I will definitely offer this again to patients. It was a six week clinic and introduced meditation, guided imagery and biofeedback to the participants. Please call the MS society if you are interested in being notified of this clinic in the future. 

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For patients interested in booking a first appointment, please check with your insurance provider to ensure you have coverage. I also offer sliding scale when appropriate. My first visit is $150 for the hour. 


Living in Alignment with a Chronic Illness

(Patients dealing with a chronic disease other than Multiple Sclerosis)

My strengths are that I can show you how to live in balance with your chronic disease while working on healing what is at the root of it. My primary goal is to help my patients feel more empowered in dealing with their health challenges by teaching them the tools they need to stay in balance with challenging circumstances while offering gentle support in the form of nutritional therapy, botanical medicine, homeopathy and therapeutic supplements when needed. Your greatest ally is your belief in your ability to heal. Healing does not always mean curing but healing guarantees that you will deal more effectively with your present circumstances and will be able to access more personal wellbeing in your life.

I won’t guarantee that your health will improve but it is often does as a side benefit of going through the process of personal healing. Are you ready to start the process? It will be the best gift you have ever given to yourself.