Healthy Employees, Healthy CompanyWoman in Yoga position

Statistics have now proven the obvious: healthy employees are more productive, miss less work due to illness, and are happier on the job. Dr. Robin Vinge will educate and empower your employees to take active steps to improve their health.

As a Naturopathic doctor and gifted presenter, Dr. Robin Vinge combines the values of naturopathic medicine with self-empowerment. Her strategy is to provide simple solutions that anyone can apply immediately and see beneficial results. “The quicker people see results, the more likely they are to invest in doing the right things for their health.” Robin brings the latest research on optimal nutrition, lifestyle factors, and relevant information on holistic medicine that your employees can use to achieve better health and well being. Leading organizations such as Enmax, Bell, CP Rail, Shell, PetroCanada, and the City of Calgary have sought out Dr. Vinge for her insights and to-the-point presentation style.

The benefits are real and immediate:

  • Improved health and wellness
  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced absenteeism
  • Lowered health care costs

Contact Dr. Robin Vinge for:

  • Ready to go seminars on: nutrition, stress management, optimal immunity, reducing fatigue, and more
  • Employee consultations for one on one attention to health care needs
  • Custom seminars to suit your company’s needs