Anorexia Nervosa


For Patients with Anorexia NervosaSaying inside a bamboo frame

I feel qualified to help you overcome anorexia nervosa as I battled anorexia for 10 years, was hospitalized twice, and have been fully recovered for 18 years. I believe that at the root of anorexia is self hatred; there is something that lies deep within the person that can’t be dealt with or accepted. The patient won’t typically know what this is and is extremely fearful of discovering who they are. I teach my patients how to live in alignment with who they really are.

The first step involves disengaging from your programming. Typically, there are many layers to traverse to reach the root cause behind anorexia. I use different strategies including counseling, Emotional Freedom technique, mind/body medicine and homeopathy to help traverse and access these deeper layers. Individuals that have anorexia are lost.

My hope is that I will help you feel safe enough to find yourself again and learn to love who you are. If you are ready to take the first step then please book an appointment with me.