I’ve been seeing Dr. Vinge for about five years. Under her guidance, she has turned my state of health and mental well being around 180 degrees. When I first saw her, I was always feeling extremely anxious and edgy. She advised me to cut coffee and she prescribed a homeopathic remedy- I did, and felt 100% better. Dr Vinge is a tremendous listener. She takes the time at the beginning of each appointment to really listen to you. She then suggests positive courses of action such as lots of water, the appropriate amount of exercise, homeopathic medicines, dietary suggestions and taking care of your mental health. She is a remarkable health professional. She has profoundly affected my life in so many positive ways. I highly recommend her to anyone who is concerned about their wellness. Dr. Vinge will pull you up to a higher awareness and sense of being.
~ R. Lemermeyer

Emotional Freedom Technique Testimonial:
EFT is an incredibly elemental process but its power to heal is limitless. Dr. Vinge and I met once a week for a month to do 30 minute sessions of EFT. At first I was a little reluctant but once I surrendered to it the healing began. It unlocked my backed-up emotions and allowed them to come forth to be let go.
I was in Edmonton visiting a dying grandfather in the hospital. I couldn’t go into his room without tears. I just couldn’t handle. A 30 minute EFT session via telephone with Robin (and plenty Kleenex) and I was settled down and able to deal (with compassion and love) what was ahead. Dr. Vinge is a special spirit and healer!
 ~ Robert Lemermeyer

My journey with Robin came after a surgery that left me with surgical menopause. As she worked to help me with this journey it became obvious that there were other things that needed addressing. Over the past couple of years, Robin’s empathy and kind but firm approach had helped me to see that there were things in life that need to be brought into balance. It helped so much that I wanted it and was willing to work with her. I really like that she challenged me to do what was needed, knew when to give me space but didn’t leave me on my own. She gently but firmly motivated me to face those issues. Some of those things were not easy but needed to be dealt with and she was there to encourage me to deal with them and move forward.

Dr. Vinge has treated and resolved my health concerns very quickly using homeopathic medicines where my GP and a specialist were unable to help me – even after repeated return visits with a variety of prescriptions. I have been a patient of her for 7 years. She takes the necessary time to listen and understand your questions about your health.
~ Alix M.

I have been a patient of Dr. Robin Vinge for a number of years. She is extremely helpful in getting to the root cause of any health issue I present to her. She has outstanding listening skills and shows genuine interest in all aspects of her patient’s lives. Dr Vinge provides access to a wide variety of treatments and contact with other practitioners who may be more specifically able to help my health issue. I would highly recommend Dr. Vinge as a naturopath.
~ Karen M.

When my son – who is autistic – first met with Dr. Vinge he had a variety of mental and physical attributes including rocking, shouting, pre-occupations with illnesses, poor digestion, skin rashes, and limited expressive language.
Dr. Vinge has successfully treated my son with a holistic approach that included homeopathic and naturopathic remedies; nutritional supplements and dietary recommendations; and calming techniques such as modified meditations and EMT.
Now my son no longer rocks; infrequently shouts; has no pre-occupations with illnesses; has completely functional digestion; no skin rashes and a vastly expanded vocabulary.
Our family has tremendously benefited from Dr. Vinge’s compassion, care and counsel.
~ Stephanie