Maintaining a State of Optimism in the Space of Negativity

We are bombarded with negative issues surrounding the state of the economy in corporate Calgary. On the other hand, there is some messaging around how the economy is turning around and that companies are hiring again. There is always contrast and focusing on a more positive stream of thoughts is necessary and helpful to maintaining a state of optimism in the space of negativity. I have been listening to the Hay House Summit which is online for free this weekend. At this summit are varied speakers with different educational backgrounds, all consistent with their messages of empowerment and positivity. I attended a summit in person in 2005 in Las Vegas put on by Hay House and loved it.

There are some helpful tips that I gleaned from listening to the summit that I thought I would pass on to others. Focusing on things that you appreciate and make you feel good is one way of maintaining optimism in the space of negativity. It is highly individual so what you can appreciate about your life is different from what your friend appreciates about their life. I appreciate the warmth of the sun after a long winter and seeing the blossoms on the trees. I appreciate how connected I feel to other people in my life and am loving my relationship with my family members. I appreciate how strong and stable I feel in my permanent remission from what was at one time active M.S.. I knew I could get here and it has been 10 years of feeling stable so I am grateful and appreciative of that.

I try to direct my conversations with others into areas in which they can appreciate themselves and see how far they have come in their journey of achieving better health. When I counsel others, I hold a space of unconditional love so they can truly come into all of who they are. You can always do that for others. If you focus on the positive aspects of another and where they are achieving better results and help reinforce that, that is being a good support for them. The answers largely exist inside of us. If we take the time to listen in, we may need some help in implementation or inspired action but trust yourself at the same time. You will get there if you stay focused on what you are wanting to achieve.

Meditation can definitely help your answers or solutions to come forward that you are seeking as can Emotional Freedom Technique. Spending 15 minutes in the morning focused on your breath before you start your day is a simple way of spending some quiet time listening. Consistent morning meditation also allows you to feel more clarity throughout the rest of the day and remember things that you need to do. It helps you feel more at peace and more balanced so anything that shows up that appears to be disruptive has less effect on your day and on your life. Remember that any negative emotion that you feel just means that you have forgotten who you truly are which is a powerful being of light and life force energy. Emotional freedom technique which is a tapping technique that is like acupuncture without the needles is a great technique to change your emotional state into a more positive one while lowering cortisol which is the ‘stress related hormone’ that can be disruptive to sleep and well being. To book an appointment to learn about meditation or emotional freedom technique, seek basic counsel or come in for a naturopathic assessment to improve your health, call Parallel Wellness at 4032321283.


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